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Webinar: Unlocking the future of consumer product compliance | The EU’s Digital Product Passport

Webinar | Available on-demand

Navigate the new frontier of EU legislation with our webinar on the Digital Product Passport*.

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Join our illuminating webinar on the Digital Product Passport (DPP), a pivotal European Union (EU) initiative set to redefine the environmental and social impact transparency of consumer products.

As a cornerstone of the EU’s strategy for sustainable and circular economies, the DPP’s implementation is imminent and crucial for businesses both across Europe and those outside Europe wishing to place consumer products onto the EU market.

Why attend?

The DPP could become the single legislative instrument to verify the compliance of consumer products.  Learn how it will transform transparency and sustainability in business practices and therefore the implications for you and your business.

Agenda: Empowering insights for your business

In this informative hour, we’ll cover

  • EU sustainability legislation: Unpack how the DPP integrates with the complex EU sustainability legislative landscape, including the Ecodesign for Sustainable Product Regulation (ESPR) and the Green Claims Directive
  • DPP objectives and requirements: Delve into the DPP, understanding how this landmark legislation will transform your brand’s approach to strategy, business operations and practices
  • Lessons from France: Gain insights from the already in-force French AGEC law, offering a preview of what DPP compliance will look like
  • Eurofins Solutions: Discover how Eurofins can guide your business towards effective DPP compliance
  • Interactive Q&A Session: Where your questions bring valuable perspectives to the forefront, helping you prepare for the DPP with confidence

Who should attend?

This webinar is essential for all professionals involved in consumer products, including supply chain management, transparency and traceability, compliance, technical roles, quality control, product development, procurement, design, sales, marketing, sustainability, and ESG.

It’s particularly relevant for those in textiles, footwear, fashion, workwear, cosmetics and personal care, hygiene and detergents, electricals and electronics (E&E), paper and packaging, construction and related sectors.

Your presenters

Rhian Owen Digital Product Passport project co-ordinator | Eurofins Sustainability Services

Rhian brings a unique blend of academic and practical expertise to Eurofins Sustainability Services, holding a degree in Fashion and Textile Design complemented by a commercial background in textile supply chains. As a Project Coordinator, her role involves in-depth research into emerging sustainable product regulations and supply chain legislation. She particularly focuses on the intricacies of the EU’s Digital Product Passport (DPP) and the AGEC Law.



Georgina Mawer Head of Commercial | Eurofins BLC Leather Technology Centre

Georgina is the Head of Commercial for Eurofins | BLC, overseeing the Chem-MAP Programme and works with the leather, textiles and synthetic sector in the imposition of robust chemical management systems within their supply chains. Georgina supports brands, manufacturers and chemical companies with compliance programmes, due diligence procedures, troubleshooting and technical support.


Q&A Panellist

Daoudi Ait Hssain International Business Development Director Europe | Eurofins Consumer Product Testing

In 2018, Daoudi became an integral part of Eurofins Consumer Product Testing, spearheading our business development efforts across Europe. French Textile engineer, he spent time working for retailers in Asia and for TIC industry in various role. He possesses a keen interest in AGEC law and excels in providing tailored Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC) solutions for clients aiming to adhere to this legislation.


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