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Eurofins Sustainability Services provides sustainability solutions to companies ensuring they meet current international standards and safeguard the planet



Climate change, deforestation, pollution, and waste mean that sustainability has become one of the most important global topics. A good sustainability strategy can lead to positive impacts, competitive advantage, increased sales, and profitability in this environment.

Creating a viable, credible, and authentic sustainability strategy can be challenging, and many companies often do not know where to start.

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Find all our services in one place

Find all our services in one place

With climate change impact a major topic of concern for governments and consumers, companies must adopt strategies that enable them to deliver sustainable products and services to the market.

Our goal at Eurofins is to offer sustainability solutions and strategies to all areas of the product value chain. This means we support our customers in creating sustainable product offerings backed by verified metrics and measurements. These measurements and metrics deliver scientifically proven claims and enable our clients and their customers to make informed choices.

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Eight billion people and only one planet. Let us help you to start thinking sustainably.

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Hot topics

  • Testing for PFAS (Poly and Perfluoroalkyl Substances)PFAS testing (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances)
    PFAS are in the spotlight because of their bio-accumulative behaviour and associated health concerns, with many compounds showing high toxicity.
  • Chem-ST Hazardous Chemical Screening
    There is a growing burden on brands and retailers to comply with an ever-increasing list of global standards. Management of such a dynamic technical landscape can be a challenge for many customers who don’t have in-house technical or legislative expertise.
  • Biobased certificationBiobased certification
    Biobased products are wholly or partially derived from biomass. Biomass is renewable, organic, carbon-based material from plants and animals.
  • Air quality monitoring sealAir quality monitoring
    Indoor volatile emissions from materials such as floorings, insulation, wood, sealants, paints, varnishes, furniture, and mattresses are a key concern for human health.

Who we are

At Eurofins, we understand creating a sustainable business model is critical to the future success of businesses and the long-term development of our planet. For this reason, Eurofins Sustainability Services provides help and support to our customers along the value chain.

Why Eurofins Sustainability Services?

We are a leader in providing sustainability metrics and measurements in the form of testing, audits and analysis across a variety of business sectors.

We have expertise across sectors that includes food, agriculture, environment, materials, engineering, life sciences, construction, electronics, consumer products, cosmetics, packaging, clothing and footwear.

Our sustainability services are offered globally through our team of 61,000 people working out of 940 facilities in 59 countries.

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