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Webinar: Get ready for the Deforestation Regulation

Webinar | On-demand

Are you ready for the EU Deforestation (EU DR) Legislation?

This webinar is available on-demand. Please contact us to request to view.

Join us on this webinar designed for organisations involved in consumer products in the leather industry who are looking to respond to, and understand the EU DR.

By attending this event you will learn more about how your business is affected by the new regulation and the expectations on you to meet the requirements. You will also learn how you can map your leather raw material supply chain and respond to the demands of the legislation.


  • The new EU Deforestation Regulation (EU DR)
  • Requirements for tanneries and businesses in the European Union
  • Solutions to meet the ‘Due Diligence Statement’ in the legislation
  • How to map and assess risk in your leather raw material supply chain

Your Eurofins Presenters

Peter Hughes Head of Sustainability Business Development | Eurofins BLC Leather Technology Centre

Peter has over 15 years working in the field of sustainable development with applicable experience in private, third and public sector. Peter works with brands and suppliers to identify and manage sustainability risks, develop strategic responses and monitor and report progress. With a particular focus on supply chain traceability and sustainability strategy, Peter helps organisations in the apparel sector make measurable progress towards long term solutions in sustainability and effectively communicate the results.


Rhian Owen Sustainable legislation project co-ordinator | Eurofins Sustainability Services

Rhian brings a unique blend of academic and practical expertise to Eurofins Sustainability Services, holding a degree in Fashion and Textile Design complemented by a commercial background in textile supply chains. As a Project Coordinator, her role involves in-depth research into emerging sustainable product regulations and supply chain legislation. She particularly focuses on the intricacies of the EU’s Digital Product Passport (DPP) and the AGEC Law.


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