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Achieving chemical compliance faster in a changing landscape

Chem-ST® | Achieve compliance faster and more affordably in a changing regulatory landscape

In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, achieving compliance with environmental and safety regulations is more critical than ever before. However, the global economy has been grappling with inflationary pressures that have made business operations harder and compliance efforts more expensive.

In this challenging scenario, Eurofins Sustainability Services offers a solution that helps customers achieve compliance faster and more cost-effectively through their innovative Chem-ST® Hazardous Chemical Smart Testing service.

The global inflation challenge

Global inflation has had a profound impact on businesses across various industries. Rising costs for raw materials, energy, and labour have driven up expenses, making it increasingly difficult for companies to maintain their profitability.
In such a transformational time in the consumer product industry, it’s imperative for businesses to adapt and find innovative solutions to streamline their compliance efforts.

Eurofins Sustainability Services has recognised this need and developed the Chem-ST® Hazardous Chemical Smart Testing service to help organisations navigate the complexities of compliance in a cost-effective manner.

Proactive chemical compliance in the consumer product industry

The consumer product industry is subject to a plethora of emerging sustainability legislations aimed at safeguarding the environment and public health. Staying ahead of these regulations is not only a legal requirement but also a competitive advantage. Eurofins Sustainability Services’ Chem-ST® service is designed to facilitate proactive compliance by offering several key benefits

  • Comprehensive testing: The Chem-ST® service provides a comprehensive analysis of hazardous chemicals in your products. It helps identify and quantify the presence of substances that may be subject to emerging regulations. This enables businesses to take proactive steps to replace or reduce these chemicals before new regulations are enforced
  • Regulatory expertise: Eurofins has a global network of experts who stay updated on evolving regulatory requirements worldwide. This expertise ensures that your compliance efforts align with the latest legislative changes, minimising the risk of costly penalties and product recalls
  • Cost optimisation: Inflationary pressures have made cost management a top priority for businesses. Eurofins’ Chem-ST service is designed to help organisations optimise costs associated with compliance. By identifying and addressing hazardous chemicals early in the product development process, companies can avoid costly last-minute changes and recalls
  • Faster time-to-market: Compliance delays can hinder a product’s time-to-market, affecting revenue streams and competitive positioning. Eurofins’ efficient testing processes and expert guidance ensure that businesses can navigate compliance hurdles swiftly, allowing for faster product launches and market entry
  • Reputation management: Building and maintaining a positive reputation is crucial in today’s consumer-centric world. By proactively addressing hazardous chemical concerns, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and safety, enhancing their brand image and customer trust

Eurofins Chem-ST® chemical smart testing

In an era of global inflation and ever-evolving regulatory landscapes, Eurofins Sustainability Services’ Chem-ST® Hazardous Chemical Smart Testing service offers a valuable solution for businesses in the consumer product industry. This innovative service helps organisations achieve compliance faster and more affordably by providing comprehensive testing, regulatory expertise, cost optimisation, and faster time-to-market.

For enquiries about Chem-ST®, chemical regulations, or other sustainability-focused matters, please contact our sustainability services team using the link below.

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