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Complying with AGEC’s 2024 compostability requirements

How Eurofins can help companies comply with AGEC’s compostability requirements

As environmental awareness continues to grow, governments around the world are implementing stricter regulations to reduce waste and encourage sustainable practices. In France, the Anti-Waste Law for a Circular Economy (AGEC) has shown itself to be a front runner in legislative measures to create a circular economy and particularly in tackling waste.

AGEC addresses this issue by evaluating and prioritising the compostability of products, focusing on materials that break down more readily in the environment. When materials fully biodegrade under controlled conditions within a defined timeframe, into constituent parts that are suitable for organic recycling, they are known as compostable.

Understanding AGEC’s 2024 compostability requirements

In 2024, AGEC has introduced new compostability requirements aimed at reducing the environmental impact of waste. The 2024 requirements are for individuals and households to segregate organic “biowaste” from other refuse and deposit it in designated composting bins.

With home composting becoming the norm, brands will want to look to the emerging market in compostable packaging. However, according to these regulations, any packaging materials claiming to be compostable must meet specific scientific criteria before using this claim. The bags that hold bio-waste must also be compostable.

Biowaste is

  • Food waste such as peel, skins, leftover food, expired food, and food from restaurants
  • Green garden waste such as grass clippings and dead leaves

Eurofins: Your partner in Anti-Waste Law for a Circular Economy (AGEC) compliance

The French government advise that the framework outlined in the NF T51-800 standard are presumed to align with AGEC’s requirements.

To assist companies in meeting these obligations, Eurofins offers compostability testing that is in adherence to the NF T51-800 standard, ensuring compliance with AGEC’s regulations.

AGEC also mandates that public contracts supplying bio-waste collection bags meeting standard EN 13432 remains possible until the end of 2024. Eurofins are also able to offer this testing standards for companies looking to achieve this validation in 2024.

Compliance with AGEC’s compostability requirements offers numerous benefits for companies. Not only does it demonstrate a commitment to environmental stewardship, but it also enhances brand reputation and consumer trust. By partnering with Eurofins for testing and certification, companies can differentiate themselves in the marketplace as leaders in sustainable packaging solutions.

Leveraging testing standard NF T51-800

Testing standard NF T51-800 serves as a crucial tool in assessing the compostability of packaging materials. By conducting comprehensive tests according to NF T51-800, Eurofins provides companies with valuable insights into the compostability of their packaging materials and their environmental impact. By conducting rigorous analyses in accordance with NF T51-800, Eurofins evaluates the biodegradability, disintegration, and ecotoxicity of packaging materials. This thorough approach enables companies to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Eurofins is ready to assist with AGEC’s compostability requirements

As companies strive to meet the evolving demands of environmental regulations, Eurofins is ready to assist in achieving compliance with AGEC’s 2024 compostability requirements.

Through rigorous testing according to standard NF T51-800, Eurofins provides companies with the assurance they need to navigate complex regulatory landscapes successfully. By embracing sustainability and prioritising environmental responsibility, businesses can position themselves for long-term success in an increasingly eco-conscious world.

For more information about this service and our other AGEC-compliant services, please contact us today.


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