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Eurofins expands biodegradability services for consumer products testing

With so much attention on the challenges associated with post-consumer waste, there is an increasing demand for testing services aimed at understanding how materials or products degrade once they have come to the end of their useful life. Biodegradability, disintegration, and compostability are three terms that can be measured scientifically to understand the environmental fate of waste.

To support our customers, understand the fate of materials and products in the environment, Eurofins consumer product testing has launched a range of new services to include

  • ISO 20136 – Biodegradability of leather
  • ISO 14855 – Biodegradability of plastics in compost and various modifications to include other materials such as textiles and leather
  • ISO 20200 – Disintegration of plastics and modifications to include leather
  • OECD 208 – Plant response tests from composted or disintegrated substrates
  • OECD 301 – Biodegradability of chemicals

These test methods can be used to evaluate the method of degradation, quantify benefits of the degradation process to the wider environment and determine whether hazardous chemistry is liberated during the degradation process.

Contact us now for further information about our range of tests and how they can fit your individual needs.

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