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Eurofins launch Chem-ST, a new way of product chemical risk management

Eurofins launch Chem-STTM chemical smart testing

For over two decades, there has been a growing demand for the testing of chemicals within consumer products, such as footwear and apparel, to ensure consumer safety and legal compliance. This testing is conventionally carried out on materials and finished products using standardised, internationally recognised test methods and protocols. Imagine a situation whereby products materials and chemicals can be tested to the same high levels of assurance but using a series of smart chemical testing tools to improve efficiency and reduce cost; well it has arrived.

Eurofins Sustainability Services’ sustainable chemistry experts have developed Eurofins Chem-STTM, a smart testing service for chemical risk assessment. Eurofins Chem-STTM is a novel, expertly developed system of chemical assessment tools that test for the presence and quantify all notable chemicals of concern whilst avoiding the need for costly traditional testing assessments and upholding the highest levels of risk management.

Eurofins Chem-STTM is a new methodology that relies on smart composite principles which reduce the amount of testing required, and employs several specially developed assessment tools using state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation. Eurofins Sustainability Services’ unique intelligent indicator concept is used to identify the presence of chemicals of concern thereby limiting the amount of instrumentation required for the analysis. Smart principles result in smart prices and Eurofins Chem-STTM smart testing service can significantly reduce the cost of testing whilst still carefully managing risk.

As a truly flexible programme, Eurofins Sustainability Services’ Chem-STTM smart testing can be used in conjunction with Eurofins smart chemical testing tools to provide a fully integrated system of chemical risk management within a product supply chain.

These tools are useful for all stakeholders within the value chain including chemical manufacturers, material and product manufacturers, brands and retailers.

Find out more about Eurofins Chem-STTM or for more information on how you can work with Eurofins Sustainability Services to save money, time, and manage your chemical risk assessments contact us.

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