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European forced labour products ban proposal

On 19 September 2022, the European Commission opened a public consultation related to the draft European regulation on prohibiting products made through forced labour (COM(2022)453 final) until 30 November 2022.

The objective of this proposal is to effectively prohibit the placing and making available on the EU market, and the export from the EU, of products made through forced labour, including forced child labour. The prohibition covers domestically produced and imported products.

The specific provisions of this proposal

  • Chapter I contains the general provisions, i.e. the subject matter, definitions and the prohibition of products made through forced labour, namely making them available on the EU market and exporting them.
  • Chapter II – Member States will be required to designate one or more competent authorities responsible for carrying out the obligations arising from this proposal.
  • Chapter III – Includes provisions for customs controls
  • Chapter IV- Contains provisions on information systems, on the guidelines that the Commission will have to issue in order to help competent authorities implement this proposed regulation and economic operators comply with it.
  • Chapter V sets out the final provisions: on confidentiality, international cooperation, delegated acts, urgency procedure, committee procedure, penalties and the entry into force and date of application of this proposed regulation.

For more information, consult the European published initiatives here.

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