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Sustainability Services Newsletter | Dogs, Trashion and chemistry

Welcome to Eurofins Sustainability Services second newsletter where we discuss some hot sustainability-related topics.

You might be wondering what brings together subjects such as dog waste, Trashion and chemistry. Well, it is all ultimately about protecting our planet through improved sustainable chemistry.

Follow the links below to read more about the hot topics biodegradability, recyclability, durability and sustainable chemistry and learn how we can help your business become more sustainable.

Sustainable chemistry articles

Dog waste, bags and biodegradable – what does it all mean?

There are many possibilities such as compostable, biodegradable, and degradable but what is the difference? We use dog waste bags as a case study to explain, as some people assume they can be thrown at the side of the path or in the hedge.

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Trashion – the impact of textile waste

The impact created by the manufacturing of fast fashion is significant, with millions of tonnes of waste created of which less than 1% is reused and the vast majority sent to landfill. We can help you understand your impact.

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Why durability and recyclability are key for our textile future

Each year the equivalent of 11.3kg of textile is discarded by each person in the EU amounting to around 5.8 million tonnes of textiles. Eurofins Sustainability Services support this perspective and are developing new services to help our customers reduce their impacts.

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Sustainable chemistry is the future of our planet

Chemistry is the fundamental building block of all things and is here to stay, but we must manage and understand how we use chemicals in a way which protects our planet.

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About Eurofins Sustainability Services

Eurofins Sustainability Services brings together a wide range of the Eurofins network’s sustainability offerings in one place, connecting customers with the relevant Eurofins company to provide solutions to their sustainability needs. From microplastics, emissions, chemistry, wastewater, biodegradability and ecotoxicity testing services, supply chain audits, life cycle analysis, vegan certification, recyclability assessments, and more, Eurofins Sustainability Services support businesses to develop a strategy and roadmap to meet their sustainability objectives.

Eurofins Sustainability Services is part of the Eurofins global network of companies, which comprises >61,000 staff across a network of ca.900 laboratories in 61 active countries. Eurofins companies offer a portfolio of >200,000 analytical methods with >450,000,000 tests performed each year.

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