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Webinar: Introducing durability testing and verification marks

Webinar | Available on-demand

Eurofins durability testing and verification marks for consumer products

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The rising demand among consumers for sustainable products shows no signs of diminishing. Ensuring a product lasts longer by focusing on its quality, ease of maintenance, and repairability is at the heart of modern eco-design.

In today’s environment, it’s crucial for brands, retailers, and manufacturers of consumer items to prioritise the durability of their offerings, especially given the increased attention from consumers, regulatory bodies, and legislation.

Acknowledging this, Eurofins specialists have designed tests to measure product longevity beyond the standard durability requirements and introduced verification marks to validate marketing assertions.

We invite you to a 60-minute webinar where our sustainability experts will introduce our new durability testing and verification mark service. They will also explain how the Eurofins verification marks can bolster consumer trust.

Consumer products covered include footwear, workwear, fashion, textiles and cookware.

The discussion will encompass

  • Recent legislative changes affecting eco-design
  • How different levels of durability are defined
  • Specifics on durability tests for fashion, textiles, footwear, workwear and cookware
  • An introduction to Eurofins’ durability verification marks
  • An interactive Q&A session

Find out more about Eurofins durability testing and verification mark service.

Your durability testing presenters


Georgina Mawer | Head of Commercial,  Eurofins BLC Leather Technology Centre

Georgina is the Head of Technical for Eurofins | BLC, overseeing the Chem-MAP Programme and works with the leather, textiles and synthetic sector in the imposition of robust chemical management systems within their supply chains. Georgina supports brands, manufacturers and chemical companies with compliance programmes, due diligence procedures, troubleshooting and technical support.




Mark Randall | Managing Director, Eurofins MTS UK

As managing director of Eurofins MTS UK, Mark has over 20 years of experience working strategically alongside manufacturers, retailers and suppliers to fulfil their safety and compliance needs across consumer products, including textiles, toys and hardlines.




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