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Durability supports sustainability

Durability testing as a route to sustainable products

The world (predominantly the wealthier, developed world) has become a throwaway society where obsolescence is driven by the low price, or is intentionally designed to drive future sales. In an effort to counteract this, improvements in product durability and reparability of a product will save natural resources, reduce manufacturing impacts and control waste.  

This drive for change will be supported by various EU initiatives such as the Eco Design Directive the EU Eco-Label and the UK Ecodesign Regulation which incorporates a right to repair or reparability element for certain goods. This philosophy of making items more durable and enabling consumers to repair rather than dispose of them is likely to continue to grow.

How can Eurofins help?

To support the development of durable products, Eurofins has developed a range of durability tests and specifications for materials and products. These test specifications can be used to evaluate durability performance, benchmark products against best practices and demonstrate credible measurements of durability. Eurofins has durability specifications and testing protocols for articles including textiles, leather, synthetics, and products such as footwear, leather goods, garments and upholstered furniture. Contact us today for more information on our durability testing services.

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