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Eurofins launches cotton origin verification testing service

Cotton origin testing for consistency with the claimed origin

Eurofins Consumer Product Testing (CPT), a leading provider of textile testing solutions, is delighted to announce the launch of its Cotton Origin Verification Testing service which uses a combination of analytical techniques to test cotton from across the value chain for consistency with claimed origin.

Eurofins CPT is at the forefront of supplying Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) services and marks another landmark step in its continuous journey to offer greater transparency and traceability in the global textile industry. With sustainability and traceable sourcing increasingly becoming a priority to consumers and the textile industry supply chain, this new Cotton Origin Verification Testing service promises to empower stakeholders with the ability to validate cotton origin claims and ensure supply chain integrity.

Cotton origin testing across the whole value chain

The Cotton Origin Testing Service uses a combination of analytical techniques, including Stable Isotope Ratio Analysis (SIRA), to accurately determine if a cotton sample is consistent with the claimed origin. Samples from the whole value chain, from raw cotton to finished articles, can be tested to verify claimed origin from all key cotton growing regions based on their environmental signature.

Eurofins CPT’s latest service, to verify the origin of cotton, is set to benefit a wide range of stakeholders, from cotton growers and textile manufacturers to fashion brands and consumers. For growers, this service means a fair recognition of their region-specific cotton crops. Manufacturers and brands can validate their supply chain, and consumers can be confident that their purchases are genuinely supporting sustainable practices.

To find out more about this cost-effective origin verification testing and related cotton services by downloading our brochure, or visiting our Cotton Origin Verification Testing page.

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