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Sustainability Services newsletter | Legislating sustainable business practices

Welcome to our third Sustainability Newsletter.

There are many global initiatives, not least the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals, aiming to combat climate change and enable a more sustainable future. These initiatives are being backed up by already-in-force and forthcoming legislative changes.

This newsletter brings together some key sustainability-related legislative topics which are affecting, and in the case of the electrical and electronics (E&E) industry will transform, many European business practices.

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The sustainability revolution through sustainable business practices

Circularity | A paradigm shift in sustainable practices

Transitioning from a linear to a circular model in business requires a rethink of traditional models and processes. Find out what circularity is about, its benefits, and where to start.

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Navigating the European Green Deal

The European Green Deal and circularity are closely linked through the goal of achieving a sustainable, resource-efficient, and competitive economy.

The Green Deal is a far-reaching European initiative under which hang some key sustainability Directives and Regulations.

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European Digital Product Passport | Redefining sustainability in business

The European Digital Product Passport (DPP), part of the Green Deal scheme, aims to provide consumers with access to information about the environmental and social impact of products related to their entire life cycle. The legislation will redefine business practices.

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Electrical & Electronics (E&E) industry game-changer | The EU Digital Product Passport

As part of the EU’s Circular Economy Action Plan, the DPP is poised to catalyse substantial changes in the electrical and electronics industry, fostering sustainability and transparency.

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About Eurofins Sustainability Services

Eurofins Sustainability Services brings together a wide range of the Eurofins network’s sustainability offerings in one place, connecting customers with the relevant Eurofins company to provide solutions to their sustainability needs. From microplastics, emissions, chemistry, wastewater, biodegradability and ecotoxicity testing services, supply chain audits, life cycle analysis, vegan certification, recyclability assessments, and more, Eurofins Sustainability Services support businesses to develop a strategy and roadmap to meet their sustainability objectives.

Eurofins Sustainability Services is part of the Eurofins global network of companies, which comprises >61,000 staff across a network of ca.900 laboratories in 61 active countries. Eurofins companies offer a portfolio of >200,000 analytical methods with >450,000,000 tests performed each year.

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