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Climate impact labels on clothing becomes law

A subject of COP27 in 2022 was Minimising Climate Impacts across the Value Chain. So what are governments doing about it?

The French government is committed to enforcing transparency in the environmental impact of clothing sold in France through legislation ahead of planned wider European Union (EU) laws for Digital Products Passports (as part of the Green Deal).

Environmental AGEC labelling Decree in France

Since 1st January 2023, the French Decree 2022-748 AGEC (Anti-Waste for a Circular Economy Law) requires large clothing Brands with an annual turnover above €50m, to have verified environmental labelling. Smaller companies will have to comply in 2024 and 2025.

The law applies to manufacturers and their supply chains, currently for clothing, home furnishings and textiles including footwear.

French Decree 2022-748 AGEC enforcement dates

  • 1st January 2023: annual turnover > €50m and at least 25,000 units
  • 1st January 2024; annual turnover > €20m, and at least 10,000 units
  • 1st January 2025; annual turnover > €10m, and 10,000 units

In 2024 products affected widens to include building products and materials, toys, passenger cars, vans, motor vehicles and motor quadricycles.

Environmental labelling of waste-generating products

Under the French Decree 2022-748, the environmental qualities and characteristics of a waste-generating product and its packaging must be available at the point of sale. Information to be covered includes

  • Reparability
  • Recyclability
  • Sustainability
  • Re-use possibilities
  • Recycled material content
  • Use of renewable resources
  • Compostability
  • Recyclability
  • Presence of hazardous substances, precious metals or rare metals
  • Traceability
  • Presence of plastic microfibers

Achieving supply-chain visibility

In order to comply with this law, Brands need to have visibility across their supply chain. The only way to manage all the data required now, and also be able to manage data for the rapidly changing legal framework is to adopt a digital solution.

Eurofins can help

Eurofins Sustainability Services offers supply chain mapping and life cycle assessment services and tools to help Brands sell into the French market, and prepare for the European Union’s Digital Product Passports and climate impact requirements outside the EU.

Related environmental labelling enabling services we offer include

Contact us today to find out how we can help with your environmental labelling requirements.

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